Madagascar – part 2

April 2008


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Our honeymoon to Madagascar… (continued)




The road to Toliari



Our first baobab…












Ifaty (the beach)







More baobabs…






















The North – Montagne d’Ambre



Wild orchard…




The world’s smallest chameleon.  This little fella is fully grown!








The leaf tail gecko…





See if you can find the leaf tail gecko in this photo.

Our guide was pointing directly at it, and we still couldn’t see it!


Scroll down to see where it is…

















































The outskirts of Diego-Suarez








Homemade salad dressings.






Our guide for a few days, John.






Tuesday is market day…












Ankarana National Park


This was our little hut for the night…






Ring-tailed mongoose…




Bat cave… Holy cow!






We went deep inside this very dark cave to see hundreds of bats hanging from the ceiling.

To get there, we had to walk through narrow gaps with spiders bigger than your hand.

Very unnerving!


This photo was taken inside the cave, just using torchlight with a long exposure.




Tsingy (limestone) formations










A sea of Tsingy














We were the only guests at the Baobab Hotel.  That’s our bungalow in the background.








The transfer to Nosy Be.  Picked up from right outside our bungalow…




Nosy Be


On the pedalo off our guest house beach.




Coconut snack…


















We stalked this chameleon for ages and finally saw him catch an insect
with his elastic tongue…








The ferry… 










Back in Tana


Had to take one of the numerous 2CV taxis.  They’re everywhere. 

In the words of our tour agent, “Tana is a museum of French cars”.


During our journey, the driver turned off the car to coast downhill
to conserve fuel…!






I don’t think they are appealing to the Australian market…









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