South Korea

September 2015









Changing of the guard at Deoksugung Palace…


150829h110600 IMG_0865_Pete



Jogyesa Temple...


150829h130000 IMG_0893_Pete



150829h005700 IMG_0350_Katy



Learning to make lanterns… She couldn’t speak English, but she
made up for it by cracking the whip!


150829h140500 IMG_0390_Katy



Streets of Seoul…


150829h184500 IMG_0906_Pete



Eat street in Seoul…


150829h191900 IMG_0915_Pete



150902h190300 IMG_1024_Pete



150831h205600 IMG_1018_Pete



Crazy Korean ice cream…


150831h205800 IMG_0702_Katy



Joining the Korean language tour at Jongmyo Shrine... We assume the stories were interesting.


150830h092300 P1040849



150830h095600 P1040867



150830h102700 P1040876



Changgyeonggung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace…


150830h113900 IMG_0470_Katy



150830h131800 IMG_0924_Pete



150830h134300 IMG_0927_Pete



150830h140800 P1040934



These animal figures represent the importance of the building…


150830h230900 P1040880



150830h231900 P1040884



The traditional houses of Bukchon Hanok Village…


150831h003700 IMG_0572_Katy



150831h003700 IMG_0573_Katy



150831h005000 IMG_0576_Katy



Gyeongbok Palace…


150831h143100 IMG_0595_Katy



150831h155800 IMG_0628_Katy



150831h162600 IMG_0981_Pete



Kimchi jars in the grounds of Gyeongbok Palace…


150831h145200 IMG_0600_Katy



150831h145500 IMG_0604_Katy



150831h164600 IMG_0665_Katy



Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art …


This installation is by Leandro Erlich. If you look carefully, you will see
that the reflections are not real…


150901h111000 IMG_0711_Katy



Leeum gallery, designed by three architects…


150901h141600 IMG_0728_Katy



Anish Kapoor sculptures…


150901h144100 P1050090



Dongdaemun Design Plaza, designed by Zaha Hadid


150901h154500 IMG_0752_Katy



150901h162000 IMG_0755_Katy



Gwangjang Market…


150901h181300 P1050123



Pig’s head… anybody?


150901h181400 P1050124



150901h185900 P1050125



The architecture of Gangnam (of Style fame)…


150902h113500 IMG_0773_Katy



150902h131400 P1050156






Maisan Provincial Park, named after the horse (maisan) ear peaks…



150904h005900 IMG_0934_Katy



Tapsa Temple, within Maisan… These stone pinnacles were built by a Buddhist layman
over a 30 year period from the late 1800’s…


150904h113100 IMG_0873_Katy



150904h095900 P1050175



150904h095600 IMG_0820_Katy




150904h102900 P1050202



Cheeky chipmunk taking advantage of the offerings to the gods…


150904h100900 P1050184



150904h114800 IMG_0893_Katy



150904h114600 IMG_0889_Katy



Waiting for the bus at the bustling Jinan bus station…


150905h231300 P1050276






The preserved Hanok village of Jeonju


150905h154700 IMG_0986_Katy



150905h145400 IMG_0961_Katy



150905h152400 IMG_0977_Katy



Handmade paper…


150905h171600 IMG_0991_Katy



150906h100900 P1050334



150906h101800 P1050339



150906h141900 IMG_1052_Katy





Hwaeomsa Temple, Jirisan National Park


Templestay (overnight) at the beautiful Hwaeomsa Temple in the mountains…


150908h090100 IMG_1184_Katy




150907h170800 IMG_1116_Katy



150908h073500 P1050406



We were provided with temple outfits for the duration of our stay (right hand over left!)…


150907h175300 IMG_1074_Pete




150907h151300 IMG_1103_Katy



Tea ceremony and hand-made bracelets…


150908h095700 IMG_1185_Katy



150907h132900 P1050371




150907h175500 IMG_1141_Katy



150908h105600 IMG_1195_Katy



150908h110900 IMG_1198_Katy



150907h135300 IMG_1086_Katy




150907h170800 IMG_1117_Katy



Serene and mesmerising evening chanting by the resident monks…


150907h190800 IMG_1083_Pete




Ssanggyesa Temple, Jirisan National Park




150908h160700 P1050442



150908h151500 IMG_1095_Pete



150908h152100 IMG_1201_Katy



Evening drumming…


150908h182700 P1050452



150908h153600 P1050427



150909h154600 IMG_1110_Pete



150909h155400 IMG_1283_Katy



150908h165500 P1050449



Order two dishes, get nineteen (mostly unidentifiable pickled products)!


150908h195800 IMG_1098_Pete



150909h143700 IMG_1277_Katy



This is what a lifetime of sleeping/working on the floor does to you…


150909h162400 P1050493



Order two dishes, get 18…


150909h191500 IMG_1298_Katy




Haeinsa Temple, Gayasan National Park




150910h164200 IMG_1327_Katy



150910h162800 IMG_1318_Katy



150910h160300 IMG_1309_Katy



150910h160600 IMG_1311_Katy



150910h162100 P1050497



150910h164600 IMG_1331_Katy



150911h154200 IMG_1466_Katy



150911h155200 IMG_1478_Katy



150911h163200 P1050609



Hike up Namsanjeildong peak…


150911h113300 IMG_1408_Katy



150911h235200 P1050574



150911h114000 IMG_1418_Katy



150911h115900 IMG_1193_Pete



150911h114400 IMG_1419_Katy



150911h152200 IMG_1457_Katy



150911h165800 IMG_1206_Pete



Hotel owner ladies making kimchi (back breaking work on the floor!)…


150910h194400 IMG_1150_Pete






Our beautiful little guesthouse (Gallery Jin Hanok) for a few nights…


150914h092500 IMG_1568_Katy



Gyeongju, dubbed “the museum without walls”, is surrounded by these Tumuli. They are tombs
of past kings, similar purpose as the pyramids of Giza…


150913h111600 IMG_1527_Katy



150913h110900 IMG_1522_Katy



150913h231700 P1050626



Gingko fruit…


150913h114400 IMG_1536_Katy



The former Anapji Palace…


150913h173600 IMG_1236_Pete



150913h173700 P1050641



150913h174200 IMG_1244_Pete



Bulguksa Temple…


150914h113600 IMG_1321_Pete



150914h105000 IMG_1284_Pete



150914h111400 IMG_1297_Pete



150914h112900 IMG_1314_Pete



Our home for 8 hours, heading north…


150915h104100 IMG_1581_Katy




Seoraksan National Park


After a long day on the bus, a lack of pubs in the tiny town of Osaek didn’t stop
us from having a beer in the sunshine at the corner store…


150915h170900 IMG_1376_Pete



A spectacular gorge walk


150916h001400 IMG_1634_Katy



150916h232200 P1050701



150916h002900 IMG_1384_Pete



150916h232800 P1050705



150916h111800 IMG_1602_Katy



150916h121600 P1050722



150916h140700 IMG_1431_Pete



150916h232200 P1050700



150916h233000 P1050707



150916h125500 P1050733



150918h085400 P1050759



150918h095300 IMG_1645_Katy



Korean bbq… and a few pickled side dishes…


150916h193000 IMG_1452_Pete






Back in Seoul…


150918h164500 IMG_1476_Pete



150918h190800 IMG_1486_Pete



One last visit to Jogyesa Temple…


150918h200800 IMG_1668_Katy