October 2004


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At the end of October, we stayed in the UK for a weekend trip to Cornwall in the southwest of England.Again, we went with a couple of friends.It was Miffy and Steve in their pea-green-mean-machine.


The main attractions in Cornwall are the gorgeous coastlines, fishing villages and the Eden Project.Itís about a 5.5 hour drive to get there from London, so we set out one Friday evening after work and arrived very late that night.


We stayed in a B&B in a cool little fishing village, Polperro.Itís still a working fishing village, very quaint and friendly.It still had a few sand bags lying around following the flooding that had occurred there a few weeks earlier.



††††††††† Eden Project


A highlight of the area is the Eden Project.Located in the depression of an old quarry it consists of a series of biospheres effectively acting as large climate controlled green-houses with plants from all over the world.One section has a tropical climate, the other more Mediterranean.



The biospheres of the tropical section.The Mediterranean biospheres are in the bottom right of the picture.





Inside the tropical biosphere.












††††††††† Polperro



The fishing village of Polperro.











††††††††† The Lost Gardens of Heligan