South America

June – August 2005


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          Inca Trail


The famous 4 day hike of the Inca Trail.



Our group on day 1…



The amazing team of porters.  With 25kg on their back, they trot past you while you’re gasping for breath.




They say Visa is the most accepted card across the world…




Day 2…



Knackered!  The end of the 2nd day after climbing 1000m in height over 8km got us to…



… the highest point along the trail at 4200m above sea level.  The walking part was easy… it’s the thin air that got to you.



Inca ruins along the way…






Our guide, Victor…








The end of day 3 we found a very welcome beer…




Day 4… the early (very early!) final leg to Machu Picchu







          Cuzco and around









After the Inca Trail, we returned to Bolivia to visit Lake Titicaca.


          Copocabana, Lake Titicaca


Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world at around 3800m above sea level.



The blessing of the cars.  Twice a day families decorate their cars, trucks and taxis to be blessed.  It’s a big event for the families with professional photographers on call.  And to hedge their bets they get more than one religion on their side… a catholic priest and a shamen.




So what do you get when you order the “male itch”??  Other items to choose from include:

-        You, kill or coffee

-        Jumbled egg

-        Pancked lunck

Mmmmm… the choices are endless!!



          Isla del Sol, Lake Titicaca


We spent two nights on one of the lake’s islands, Isla del Sol (Island of the Sun).
















Back to Peru to see another part of Lake Titicaca.



          Islas Flotantes, nr Puno, Lake Titicaca


These are floating islands and are man made entirely of reeds.  Even the huts and boats are made from reeds.  The locals fled the warring tribes, created these islands, set up their homes and live here still.










The colourful buildings of Santa Catalina, an old monastery.








Peru’s favourite jam… you just gotta take the photo!!






          Colcha Canyon 


A 3 day trek down and up and down and up again through the world’s deepest canyon.





You can just make out our path in this photo…










A part of the Chilean staple diet…



Designed by Eiffel, this church is made entirely of cast iron.



Flying past Mount Aconcagua, the second tallest mountain in the world…

















Next stop… Melbourne


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